Experience Design

In the realm of experience design, innovation often stems from a cyclical exchange of ideas—a design concept giving rise to an idea, which then fuels another design notion. This iterative progression guides us to our ultimate objective: achieving excellence in online engagement.


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I am Brandon Guertner, known most often as "Guert." I have the UI/UX web design skills to solve today's problems. My years of industry experience give me an intimate understanding of its past that pays off with insights into its future. I've navigated the intricate nuances of Silicon Valley, embracing challenges and seizing opportunities.

My path has led me to tame content management systems and master HTML/CSS, ensuring seamless functionality. Throughout, my unwavering commitment to experience design has been my guiding principle. As I gaze ahead, I eagerly anticipate contributing to the evolution of spatial computing web experiences – a collaborative journey that thrives on collective effort.

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Information Design High Value Actions

High Value Actions for Discover

An HVA serves a crucial purpose by providing users with swift access to Adobe software applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and other essential tools within the Adobe ecosystem. An HVA seamlessly ushers the user into the software, facilitating a seamless transition from intention to action.

As part of the Aquent Studios x Adobe team, I helped shape web experiences for Adobe Discover, a website that engages and retains Creative Cloud users.

Adobe Creative Cloud Discover

My work has included creating High-Value Actions (HVAs) for Discover-related pages, quality assurance development, and helping to guide Authors. These initiatives resulted in a significant uptick in user interactions and engagement.

HVA Example

Recognizing the complexity of HVA creation, I embarked on a collaborative mission in early 2023 to craft comprehensive Figma design files. These files serve as comprehensive guides, clarifying the intricacies of the HVA process. They are vital for onboarding outside agencies and Adobe’s international teams. Incorporating the principles of Information Design, these files present information in a visually clear and organized manner, enhancing understanding and collaboration across teams.

HVA Creation Process

HVA Process

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Exploring the Depths of Figma

Engaging in research and development to discover innovative approaches for seamlessly migrating content across different platforms.

XD-to-Figma Research and Development

Collaborating with the Adobe Design Systems Team, I was actively involved in testing customized Figma components. I ensured their smooth alignment with updated versions of Figma and AEM. My engagement in ongoing "build-a-thons," partnering with Adobe Labs and the Experience Design Team, has significantly enriched my involvement.


XD-to-Figma Research and Development (build-a-thons)

Icon variants

Create icon variants

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User-flow studies

User-flow studies

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Firefly Beta studies

Firefly Beta

Embracing AI Innovation

Ever since Adobe Firefly became available as a beta, I have used it to create imagery. Achieving perfection often requires numerous iterations. Sometimes, it's the serendipitous discoveries that lead you down the right — though unexpected — paths.

Firefly Studies

Firefly Studies - Sonoran Desert


Midjourney & Sound Design

An Artistic Convergence combining frame-by-frame Midjourney AI Generated images with Guert Tunes.

Midjourney and Sound Design

Although these are inherently distinct, they seamlessly complement each other. With an expanding collection of published instrumental music, it's only natural to integrate it into generative AI animation. To accomplish this, I utilized a sequence of meticulously crafted Midjourney renderings, assembling them to create a cohesive animation. The final touch involved blending one of my songs, resulting in a harmonious fusion.

XD - AEM Authoring

AEM Authoring

Shaping Digital Spaces for XD-related pages.

In 2019, upon joining Adobe via TEKsystems, I took on the role of AEM Author (Web Producer). Collaborating with cross-functional teams, we successfully executed the migration of the XD Learn site from an older AEM version to an updated iteration.


Visual Design

Visual design and communications at Facebook for Global Security.

Communication Design

I crafted Visual Communication Designs for a team within Facebook Global Security. This team curated corporate communications with an informative yet reassuring tone and voice. I collaborated with Engineering communication specialists to integrate social and behavioral deletion data points, effectively capturing the essence of internet culture references that sparked connectivity.

Meta Global Security

Global Security Travel

Global Security Travel

Global Security Hacktober

Global Security Paws on Patrol

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